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Founded in San Diego, California (U.S.A.) in 1980 Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) has evolved over time into one of the world’s largest international networks of franchised entrepreneurs operating retail-based shipping, logistics, printing, marketing and communications solutions to business and private customers.


5 services under the same roof

Meet essential needs with a multi-faceted business model. The combination of multiple services at one location delivered with a unique level of customer service gives our clients a one-stop solution to bundle their personal or business needs with one reliable partner.

Pack & Ship

  • Professional packing service
  • National shipping
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Imports


  • eCommerce solutions
  • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • Returns management


  • Mailbox rental
  • Virtual mailbox
  • Postal services
  • Direct mailing


  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Small/Large format printing
  • Photo printing

Marketing Solutions

  • Website design
  • Marketing & Communication materials

Available Territories

Scandinavia, a region of fast-paced growth

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Location Facts & Figures

Develop the MBE Brand in Denmark

  • Denmark is number 1 in Europe for ease of doing business (World Bank 2012–2019) and the Startup Denmark program opens the door to a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem in which you can grow your business.
  • Linking continental Europe to Scandinavia, Denmark has a unique geographical location. This is facilitated by an excellent infrastructure that connects your business with 500 million European consumers.
  • Meanwhile, the e-commerce impact is growing every year: Danish consumers spent 146 billion DKK online in 2019, breaking the previous record set in 2018 with a 13% increase. Talking about deliveries, especially in Denmark, customers prefer to have their purchases delivered to a distribution point.
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  • As major customers of MBE services, SMEs play a large role in the Danish ‘non-financial business economy’ – they are expected to be the main growth drivers, with above-average employment growth of 3.0 % in 2017-2019.
  • Denmark is the sixth biggest shipping nation in the world as ranked by the amount of operated tonnage.
  • Franchise business is widely presented in the Danish market. There are a number of franchise companies both international and homegrown successfully operation in the country: among the most developed franchise sectors available are car rental, retail, transportation, hotels, and restaurants. The franchising market is supported by Danish Franchise Association and multiples franchise consultants.

Location Facts & Figures

Develop the MBE Brand in Finland

  • Transportation and logistics in Finland are among the top growing industries, with projected growth rates of 20% in the next 5 years.
  • Finland is one of biggest contributors to innovation per capita, huge emphasis on digitalization and technological advancement allows nurturing SMEs and is very welcoming to multinational companies. The government offers a number of incentives (tax, training, investment) to attract foreign companies.
  • Out of the 357,000 companies operating in Finland, 350,000 of them are SME (98%) that rely on the suppliers who can provide the added value services for non-core business activities.
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Franchise Success
  • In terms of e-commerce development, the market is expected to growth
    significaly next few years. With an increase of 18%, the Finnish eCommerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 29% in 2021, creating plenty of opportunities for the local transportation providers.
  • Franchising is a quickly growing, yet not highly established industry in Finland, making it the perfect opportunity for bringing unique concepts to the local market. Finnish franchise market is valued at over $6 billion and has 300 companies operating throughout the country.
  • With overall growth of the franchise industry in 2018 7.4%, Finland reached a 15.4% increase in the B2B franchising sector.

Location Facts & Figures

Develop the MBE Brand in Norway

  • Logistics has been ranked as the hottest industry in Norway due to its high levels of growth as demand continuously increases- demand for logistics services is higher than the supply.
  • Several cities across Norway, such as Bergen and Drammen are expected to become major logistics and business hubs in the coming years.
  • Although Norway is not a member of the European Union, it has access to the single European market through the European Economic Agreement (EEA), and with more than 99% of all companies who belong to SMEs, it is a great opportunity to provide the added value services for the local community of entrepreneurs.
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  • Ranked in the top 10 of all countries worldwide for the ease of doing business in 2020 (World Bank) which points to an economy that fosters entrepreneurship and sets an attractive climate for foreign companies.
  • In a recent spike, 93% of Norwegians have become active online shoppers and 60% prefer at home delivery for their shopping and food- these increases are expected to be permanent and present a huge opportunity for logistics, as demand for transportation and delivery services skyrocket.
  • The Norwegian franchise industry is worth over $21 billion and has 250 different companies in operation. Beginning a franchise is very easy, they are only regulated by the Norwegian legal framework for businesses as well as standard EEA commerce law.

Location Facts & Figures

Develop the MBE Brand in Sweden

  • Sweden is ranked 2nd highest globally in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI), based on the efficiency, quality, and timeliness of transportation and logistics networks. Together with the demand for logistics space is currently at a record high as e-commerce replaces traditional shopping and the local e country’s infrastructure- railways, ports, shipping channels- is set up ideally for logistics added value business.
  • Talking about e-commerce growth, Sweden has one of the top E-commerce markets globally and is expected to reach a value of $18 billion in 2022. Over 85% of Swedish customers (and growing) shop online which creates a lot of opportunities of working with e-commerce local businesses.
  • Sweden is notorious for its start-up business culture- start-ups very often rely on third party logistics firms to handle non core business activities, with more than 738,000 SMEs Sweden generates 61.2% of value added employment, which is significantly higher than the European average.
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MBE Team work
  • Sweden is 10th out of 190 countries for the ease of doing business- this means the Swedish economy facilitates competition and growth and invites foreign investment, creating economical emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Highly dependent on exports (makes up ⅓ of the national GDP) which requires efficient and plentiful transportation services, Sweden is considered to be the gateway to the Nordics, as it has a prime central location in the Region.
  • Sweden presents a welcoming environment for franchisors, with 800 firms already successfully operating nationwide, where the service industry is considered one of the best franchise opportunities, as it is not as established as other franchise sectors.

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