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MBE’s network is fueled by the passion of our People, the MBE Network.
They are one of the keystones to our brand. But don’t just take
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A solid foundation to grow a long term and sustainable business.

I am an entrepreneur in the logistics and distribution business for more than 20 years now, but I am always searching for new opportunities and new business models. MBE is a good brand, and I had seen the MBE Master Franchise as a possibility For the Fast start of a Franchise operation.

The MBE system proved to be a solid Foundation to grow a long term and sustainable business. MBE’s business model, with entrepreneurs working together – creating a network that is adding value to all participants – is a great solution. Moreover, multiple revenue streams mean a serious income generator, even if the market conditions are not ideal.
But the best is the level of our customer satisfaction; I am proud to say that customers really like the MBE service and they are returning to our MBE stores daily.

Sasa Cvetojevic, Croatian entrepreneur with years of experience in logistics, healthcare sector, mobile communications, and supply chain management

Master Licensee for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo.

Market needs suit perfectly with what MBE concept is offering

As you know Bipmobile Srl, the other company that I am managing, is playing in the logistics and transportation industry, having as partners and customers the biggest names in automotive industries all over Europe, having almost all services; but the the added value ones of MBE we’re yet missing. That’s why I became a Master Licensee. When I first met the MBE concept it was like a small revelation for me as I immediately recognized that there is a need for such services in Romania.

From my perspective, the market needs suit perfectly with what MBE concept is offering. Furthermore, by targeting small and medium enterprises, the MBE business brings interesting margins, which I suppose is what all the businessmen in the world I suppose are looking for. Finally, meeting the MBE team and seeing their professionalism was what gave me the assurance for building this next business.

Adrian Minea

Owner of Bipmobile Group, Romanian entrepreneur with extensive experience in the transportation and trucking industries.

My MBE business is
still growing even after 17 years

I was delighted to find a business opportunity with an high potential in the service sector like MBE. The outsourcing idea of MBE was, and still is, relatively novel in Europe. We were one of the pioneers in Austria who used MBE’s entrepreneurial freedom to adjust a successful worldwide concept to the local market. Another reason for my decision to start with MBE was the chance to finally put my “horsepower on the road” and work in the country I live in, five minutes away from home. I have built one of the most successful service centers in Austria and taken on the additional responsibility for the future development of the MBE network in Austria. My MBE business is still growing even after 17 years “on the road”.

Dieter Baier

Multi-Franchisee and
Master Licensee MBE Austria

I look forward to growing even more with MBE

Been in the logistics business for more than 20 years, I always attempted to provide the best possible service to my clients. Developing the Ability Group as a collection of companies focused on international logistics of containers and trucks, I felt that we missed a big segment of our industry: micrologistics, B2C distribution and courier services. Reason for which, I was very excited to acquire two MBE centers in St. Petersburg when I discovered the Mail Boxes Etc. business concept back in 2015. A couple of years later, now being an Area Franchisee in Russia, I looked forward to growing even more with MBE. This is why I became a Master Franchisee for the Baltic countries in 2018.

With the MBE know-how, system and global support, I am now able to provide business services in multiple countries by applying the internationally-adopted business model to the local needs and conditions.

Anton Nacharyan

Owner of Ability Group, Russian entrepreneur
with long-time experience in logistics industry
and supply chain management.

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