3 Reasons to Choose Mail Boxes Etc. for your Shipments

You have probably heard about us before. Our multi-service MBE Centers offer a broad portfolio of solutions in Packing, Shipping, Logistics, and Print & Marketing. Thanks to the exponential booming of e-commerce transactions and the increasing need for last-mile services, our logistics and shipping solutions are consequently more and more on the rise. In this article, we will highlight the three reasons our solutions can best suit your needs.

First reason: Mail Boxes Etc.’s Pack & Ship experience

Mail Boxes Etc. offers tailored solutions for packing and shipping, domestically and internationally. At Mail Boxes Etc., we boast decades of experience and professionalism in managing the needed documentation and procedures to ensure smooth operations in international shipping. We could say that we treasure experience to the point of solving the logistical challenges that come our way. That is why our customers trust our expertise and problem-solving attitude.

Second reason: We customize our solutions to your needs

Each Mail Boxes Etc. center is staffed with experts who have deep experience in professional packing.  This quality allows us to support our customers with all their packing and shipping needs and adapting the solutions to their specific requirements. This is where the key to our success lies, personalization, down to the last detail of the orders we receive.  Our company is proud to offer professional Pack and Ship services, which has set us apart from the competition and allows us to continue to support you and your growing business.

Third reason: A network of Centers around the world

The extensive network of Mail Boxes Etc. centers around the world, and our multi-courier formula enables the delivery of shipments almost anywhere. Additionally, this includes those with different service levels, according to customer’s needs up to 24/48 hours of a receipt.

The Mail Boxes Etc. franchise opportunity as business development.

The economic market is experiencing accelerated movements due to e-commerce and increased demand for deliveries for end customers and companies. E-tailers need a logistic partner to support them with digital solutions and unrivalled shipping options to offer their customers a positive experience. Whether the customer is navigating their website, making a payment, or increasing the company’s market quota, they should be having a positive interaction with a company. These rising indicators generate a business opportunity for our MBE entrepreneurs in the short and medium term. Therefore, starting from the Pack and Ship business sector, you can grow your Mail Boxes Etc. center and expand your business model with us. If you are willing to grow, offer excellent customer service, and get a proven business model, the MBE franchise is the place for you.

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