4 Print Marketing Trends in 2022

Even in a more digital world, print marketing still provides businesses with an assortment of benefits if utilized properly. Certain trends have become obsolete in recent years, and that is expected with a constantly evolving marketplace. At the same time, even though digitalization continues to sweep across the world, print marketing still provides value when utilized in conjunction with the current trends. Below are some of the most popular trends to keep an eye on and utilize this year.

Promotional Items

Among the aspects of the eCoThese are a staple print marketing trend for many businesses, and they continue to be a benefit for many companies. One way it has slightly changed today, is in the way these items are perceived by consumers. For example, a company that desires to promote a more environmentally friendly image would likely want to incorporate pencils, as pencils simply have a stronger connection to the environment compared to pens. It is this type of thinking that will enhance the promotional Items even further, and this is the way to extract the maximum value from them going forward.

Success Stories

Customers in today’s environment are much more interested in how successful companies were in assisting their prior customers. Company track records are becoming increasingly important, and it continues to gradually become more popular because the real-world examples carry a lot of weight in how potential customers perceive the business. Adding these stories to items such as a pamphlet would have the potential to make the business substantially more attractive, and it can additionally manage to meet the needs of the company by promoting stories that align with their target audience.

Special Finishing

When attempting to stand apart from other businesses, differentiation is key. While such differences don’t necessarily fall under the umbrella of print marketing, there are still a variety of ways to achieve this through this manner. The finishing textures and styles on posters, cards, and pamphlets are easier than ever to alter with today’s technology, and this type of customization can be leveraged to benefit the company’s image. By adding such finishing touches on their print marketing material, it can give them a leg up in an economy where first impressions still mean a great deal.


The manner in which the print marketing material is presented wasn’t as essential in years past, but customers are definitely paying more attention to this aspect of the process. Specifically, the economic impact that your print materials have on the environment is worth considering. A part of the driving force behind the digital marketing movement is the environmental friendliness of it compared to print marketing, so emphasizing aspects such as the recycled material it is made from can assist in this regard.

There are obviously numerous companies out there that can assist businesses in print marketing, but MBE specifically offers a unique skill set to interested businesses. MBE has years of experience working with companies and producing print marketing materials based on what they’re looking for. For businesses desiring printing services, MBE can also be seen as a one-stop shop because, since we can take care of the whole process, from the creation of the materials with our graphic design services, the printing and the delivery of these materials to the company’s clients. MBE has the technology, the knowledge and the ways to deliver a modern and complete service in terms of print marketing.

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