The Czech Republic is the Logistical Engine of Central Europe

The Czech Republic is an attractive country to invest in logistics. The increase of its exports, a constantly growing GDP and solid economic strength prove that the central European state can be a focus of investment to consolidate your Mail Boxes Etc. franchise. 

The Czech Republic, the envy of Europe

The economic situation in the Czech Republic has clearly and tangibly improved over the last few years. Formerly part of the Soviet economic system, the country has closed the gap with major European economies, including Germany, with which it has a close economic relationship. 

The Czech Republic has a low unemployment rate of 3 percent and low temporary employment. This translates into continuous economic activity. In addition, there is a high level of job training in all economic sectors.

Attractive economic strength for investors

The Czech Republic is part of the European Union, but still has its own currency, the Czech Koruna. This currency is highly valued in comparison with the euro, which allows for a high return on investments in the country. Moreover, this strength is accompanied by healthy public finance, which runs a budget close to surplus. Industrial strength and exports (over 80%) have catapulted the Czech Republic to the forefront of European economies, surpassing countries such as Spain

Logistics, a growing sector in the Czech Republic

As mentioned above, the exports of the Czech economy generate a large number of logistical operations to and from the Czech Republic. The main transport companies operate in the country and the sector is expected to grow in the coming years.

The boom in e-commerce in the country is growing at record rates, reaching a value of more than EUR 5,796 million in 2019 which has pushed logistics operators to redouble their efforts to meet the expected demand in coming years. A growing e-commerce sector points toward logistics franchise opportunities as an MBE Master Licensee. 

MBE lands in the center of Europe

Mail Boxes Etc Worldwide provides a top opportunity to invest in the Czech Republic and establish your franchise. The growth of e-commerce is leading the Czech population to opt for a central location to receive their internet orders. Mail Boxes Etc shops can meet this emerging demand (more than 70% of the population shop at least a couple of times online) as they are a suitable option for the logistical needs of the country. Partnering with established companies in the Czech Republic such as UPS and FEDEX consolidates our business channel in the center of Europe and provides a base in the Bohemian state. The rise of e-commerce and logistics in the Czech Republic presents opportunity for a strong e-commerce logistics franchise after becoming a MBE Master Licensee.

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